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The lucky winners of our Big Mac Bridge Tower Tour, Shelly and Dave Lyngklip, seen here posing with a spectacular view of the bridge. The next picture is looking almost straight down! Congratulations to the lucky couple! And thank you Shelly for allowing us to show your pictures!

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Saturday, July 18 we had a showing of our native plant garden, lovingly referred to as 'Teardrop Island'. Check out the next newsletter for an article about it and see the changes made in 9 years by the dedicated duo of Tammy and Barb (and other helpers)!

If you like food (and who doesn't?), check out our events for the next few months: August 13, Thursday, Barbecue Contest;
September 9, Wednesday, Oktoberfest;
October 7, Wednesday, Chili Cook-Off;
November 19, Thursday, Game Dinner.

Click to see the July newsletter (PDF) in color.