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March 7th, 2014
Dwight Lydell Chapter
Conservation Awards Banquet

2014-6 ikesoftheyear2l

We were very proud to call Cannon Township’s Steve Grimm, Bonnie Blackledge, and Julie Lovelace our Conservation Awardees this year, because their work on watershed education has evolved into fracking protections. This township is the FIRST in the state to put some teeth into specific ordinances. A few others have declared moratoriums, but Cannon’s board is going for a stronger legal defense, in hopes of maintaining local control over our environment.

2014-9 jimallona

Jim Schneider was awarded Chapter Ike of the Year with help from Alona Schneider

2014-3 georgiabob

Bob Stegmier was recognized for his many years of service to the IKEs. Award was presented by chapter VP Georgia Donovan.

2014-1 diners
Some of the diners enjoying a great meal!

2014-4 fred
Fred Eyer introducing our guest speakers.

Maurie Houseman encouraging people to bid on auction items.

2014 paintings
Some of the paintings that were available for bid.
2014 more goodies
Goodies on the ‘grab’ table.

2014-2 jimkayvee lodge

Promoting our big raffle!