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SummerFest & WinterFest
100 fly fishing

Fly Fishing is an experience.

100 fly fishing 2

Practice, practice, practice.

100 fly fishing 3

It's all in the wrist.

100 summerfest birdhouse making

Make your own birdhouse!

100 summerfest boy with bow

Get the fundmentals of shooting a bow and arrow.

100 summerfest girl with bow

Never too young to learn.

100 summerfest girl with fish

Nice fish from the pond!

100 summerfest kayaking

Kayaking can be a challenge when you first learn.

100-rain barrel-1

For adults, a chance to see a rain barrel being assembled.

100-rain barrel-2

Take one home with you!

100 branch shelter

WinterFest offers lots of things to do.


Archery always a big draw!

100-candle making

Making a candle takes a lot of time.

100-ice fishing crowd

Lots of people enjoying fishing through the ice.

100-more ice fishing

Keep your eye on the bobber.

100-kids in shelter

Winter shelter.

100-ski lesson

Ski lessons are popular.

100-snow fort

Fun making a fort out of snow.