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Winterfest 2012 Photos
20120128-001 picnic tables

Picnic tables waiting for Spring?

20120128-002 pond

Pond ice doesn't look good.

20120128-003 trees

Snow covered trees make a beautiful sight.

20120128-003a snow branches

Snow clad brush is even lovely.

20120128-004 broken tree

Here is some work for spring.

20120128-005 trail arch

And spring work here.

20120128-006 bridge

You can cross the creek if you like.

20120128-007 creek

The creek is COLD and flowing pretty good.

20120128-007a not neat

Mother Nature is NOT neat and tidy!

20120128-008 plastic fish setup

One activity was casting to catch a plastic fish and win a prize.

20120128-009 casting

Some had great style.

20120128-010 caught one

Pererverance pays off.

20120128-011 plastic fish

Lots of interest in the fish.

20120128-011a fishing winner

And here we have a lucky winner.

20120128-012 survival

Illustrating how you can make a survival shelter from brush and pine boughs.

20120128-013 admiring shelter

Yep, did a find job!

20120128-014 nice shelter

They seem to think the shelter is pretty cool.

20120128-015 yep cozy

Nice and cozy.

20120128-016 cozy

Cozy for me too!

20120128-016a bird house

Activties included assembling pre-cut and drilled bluebird houses.

20120128-017 drillgirl

How did you say this goes?

20120128-018 bird house

OK, I press this button and the screwdriver works.

20120128-019 bird house

Yep, just hold these pieces right here.

20120128-020 snowpeople

Back outside someone made some snow people.

20120128-021 snowman

Admiring the snow people

20120128-022 capture flag

Looks like they are playing Capture The Flat.

20120128-023 slipped

OOPS! I slipped.

20120128-024 easy sledding

This is my idea of easy sledding.

20120128-025 no sled needed

Who needs a sled anyway?

20120128-026 archery

Another popular activity was archery.

20120128-027 draw the bow

You need to draw the bow way back before letting go of the arror.

20120128-028 skii

Cross country skiing was another popular event.

20120128-029 ski girl

Quite a few tried it.

20120128-030 sled

The sledding hill attracted a LOT of kids.

20120128-031 sled


20120128-032 backwards

Look, I can go down backwards!

20120128-033 head first

And I can go head first!

20120128-034 how do I steer

OK, how do I steer this thing?

20120128-035 lookout tree

Look out tree, I'm coming through!

20120128-036 wipeout

Big time wipeout!

20120128-037 pinecone

Even a few adults tried their hand a mixing pinecones, peanut butter and bird seeds.

20120128-038 tam

One of the dedicated kitchen staff who helped prepare hot dogs, chill etc.

20120128-039 yeti or sasquatch

Someone reported seeing Bigfoot or maybe it was Sasquatch or the Abominable Snowman!