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SummerFest June 2014
20140621-12 fishing5

A couple of older kids woring on the stream search for bugs.

20140621-12 Bunting, Indigo M

A male Indigo Bunting was spotted on the IKEs property.

20140621-13 leland

Fascinated just to be here!

20140621-07 archery shot

Archery is somewhat challenging, but fun!

20140621-05a I know it's here

I'm sure it's here somewhere!

20140621-02 weed bass

Nice weed bass!

20140621-05 sample flies

Sample flies that could be made.

20140621-06 bird house construction

The ever popular bird house assembling program.

20140621-01 cleaning weeds etc

The pond with kayaks, canoes, kids fishing and a mom raking weeds!

20140621-04 snack in chair

This youngster decided it was snack time!

20140621-10 reading clue

Treasure hunt setp 2 - study the clue!

20140621-09 huddle over clue

Treasure hunt step 1 - huddle over the clue.

20140621-11 on to next clue

Treasure hunt step 3 - run to find the next clue

20140621-03 Jorge Bass

Visitor from Madrid, Spain, catches a real bass!