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Rogue River Voyage of Discovery June 20, 2014
20140620-01Ikes exhibit

IKEs Exhibit

20140620-02lgro sign

Lower Grand River Organization of Watersheds

20140620-03wild ones displa

Wild Ones (plants)

20140620-04 kayaks in the rain

Kayaks in the rain.

20140620-05 one of these is mine

I'm sure one of these kayaks is mine!

20140620-06 ask me about bugs

Ask me about stream bugs!

20140620-07 listening about bug

OK, we're listening!

20140620-08 very attentative kids

Still listening.

20140620-09 very attentive kids

Yep, I'm paying attention.

20140620-13 Adults listening

Adults listen too.

20140620-14 explaining watershed

Explaining a watershed.

20140620-15 fish identification

fish identification here.

20140620-16 Duck Lady prepared

Duck lady was ready but river was too high.

20140620-18 duck race in puddle

So the kids raced ducks in a puddle.

20140620-18 duck race in puddle

Yep, racing can be done in a puddle.

20140620-20 keeping dry

Keeping dry while waiting for the launch to start.

20140620-21 kayakers prepping

Kayakers preparing.

20140620-22 launched ok

OK, that one launched OK.

20140620-24 muddy water launching

Yep, muddy is the word!

20140620-25 down the big muddy

And off down the river!