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2015 WinterFest Photos

Another bunch arriving for some fun.

Pond sort of empty right at opening.

But that quickly changed.

Lots of skaters.

Beginning skater.


Ice fishing requires patience.

Are they watching me?

Patience paid off. Caught one!

Good packing snow.

Fine for snow forts.

Or snow castles

The ever popular snowperson!

Quite a display.

Very artistic!

Snoeman needing some assembly.

And the ever popular archerty!

I think I can hit the target!

Can you hit the target?

Lots of fun!

Archery instructors.

Scout's emergency shelter.

Brush shelter

Who is up for skiing?

Lets go!

Watch out below!

Who needs a sled?

Yahoo, what a ride!

Hot cocoa by a crackling fire!

Even the adults enjoyed the fire.

Face art for the less adventuresome.

Lunch is served.

Scouts worked up an appetite.

Scouts having fun.

Making pine cone bird feeders.

Assembling bird houses was popular.

Just need to get this screw in just right.


Some of the outdoor help.

One of the kitchen crew.

Head cook on the job!

Weaving paracord emergency bracelets.

New game.... get loose withoout taking the knots apart!