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Honey Bees at the IKEs
20150523-00 Hives, smoker, getting ready

All set....hives, bees, smoker, kidling for fire...

20150523-01 traveling home for bees

This what the bees were shipped to Michigan in.

20150523-02 hexagonal beds for native plants

Neat to have hexagonal flower boxes to hold flowering plants that are native to this area.

20150523-03 protecting milkweed plant

Protecting a milkweed plant so future Monarch Butterflies will have a place to eat and lay their eggs.

20150523-04 beekeepers

Meet the bee keepers, Teresa and Josh.

20150523-05aladies fashion wear

Fashionable protectsive wear for the ladies.

20150523-06 last minute checklist

Last minute reviw of the check list.

20150523-07 all suited up

All suited up and ready to go.

20150523-08 scalpel nurse, oops wrong show

Scalple, Nurse. Oops, wrong show!

20150523-09 smoking the bees

Smoking the bees to keep them docile.

20150523-10 Preparing to move bees

Getting ready for the move.

20150523-11 interior of new hive

Interior on the new hive.

20150523-12 loaded with bees

Loaded with bees!

20150523-13 Lots of bees

Yep, definitly a lot of bees!

20150523-14 Moving bees into new home

OK, lets move them.

20150523-15 I think I see the queen

Oh wait, I think I see the queen!

20150523-16 Volunteer Lea

Volunteer Lea wanted to try her hand at moving bees.

20150523-17 checking the neighborhood

Bees starting to check out the neighborhood.

20150523-18 finsihed and no stings

Finished, and no one got stung!

20150523-19 New home with sugar water

New Home with sugar water to help them get settled in and have something to ear while searching the neighborhood for flowers.