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WinterFest 2016
20160130-01 fort constructon

Constructions starts here!

20160130-02 Kids in Fort

Coming along nicely!

20160130-03 Georgia admires fort

Looks like we have adult approval!

20160130-04 kids in snow fort

How many can we get in here?

20160130-05a Peeking out fort

Is the coast clear?

20160130-05b Working on fort

Window is just right!

20160130-5c made a snowman

Made a snow guard.

20160130-05d taking a break

Building a snow fort is tiring!

20160130-06 archery starting

Archery just getting started.

20160130-07 early archer

I think he has the knack!

20160130-08 finding skates

Must be skates that fit somewhere.

20160130-09a preparing to skate

Getting closer to skating!

20160130-09b pine cone feeders

Ready to make pine cone bird feeders.

20160130-10 cross country skiing

A ffew hardy souls set on on a ski voyate/

20160130-11 sledders

Wouldn't be WinterFest with some sledding!

20160130-12 sledder stopping

Sometimes stopping is a bit tricky!

20160130-13 young sledders

Even the little ones enjoy it!

20160130-14 benches by firepit

Nice benches by the fire pit!

20160130-15 nature trail

The Nature Trail proved to be popular!

20160130-16 pond wide view

The pond had skaters, sledders and people fishing!

20160130-17 ice fishing

At times there were more people fishing than skating.

20160130-18 discussing ice fishing

Discussing the merits of different kinds of bait.

20160130-19 picnic table ready

Picnic tables ready for spring.

20160130-20 Shelter building

Building an emergency shelter.

20160130-21 inspecting shelter

Inspecting it from the inside. Not finished yet.

20160130-22 shelter home

OK, we think the shelter is ready!

20160130-23 shelter ready

Mine is ready too!

20160130-24 big tarp shelter

Scouts illustrated different types of shelters.

20160130-25 tarp and tree shelter

Hee a tarp is hung over a fallen tree.

20160130-26 tent camping

The tents today are a lot different than the canvas ones I used to use!