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2016 SummerFest
20160625-01 green kayak

Such a pretty color for a kayak.

20160625-02 kayaking for 2

Kayak for two!

20160625-03 getting into kayak

A little tricky getting in.

20160625-04 3 in a canoe

3 in a canoe is fun!

20160625-05 adjusting life jacket

Life jacke is a must!

20160625-06 left handed archer

Ever popular archery!

20160625-07 preparing to shoot

Ready to pull.

20160625-08 returning arrows

After shooting you need to get the arrows.

20160625-09 right handed archer

Girls enjoyed archery too.

20160625-10 ready to shoot

Archers of all ages.

20160625-11 very young archer

Even the very young tried it.

20160625-12 stream start

Start of stream search.

20160625-13 resting

Time for a cooling break.

20160625-14 ready to pounce

There's a bug, get it!

20160625-15 starting treasure hunt

Also a treasure hunt.

20160625-16 looking for clues

Clues were hidden all over.

20160625-17 showing pix of garden

Showing photos of gardening in buckets.

20160625-18 Georgia, Steg, Ron

Some of the hard working staff

20160625-19 steg, CJ

And still resting.