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Winterfest 2013 Memories
01 Selecting an arrow

Time to select an arrow.

04a be one with the arrow

Be one with the arrow Grasshopper!

02 now ready to shoot

OK, I'm ready to shoot!

03 archery ghost?

Visited by the archery 'ghost'?

04 this is hard work

This is hard work!

05 did I hit it

Did I hit the target?

06 instructors break

Even instructors get a break.

08 that's the arrow I want

That's the arrow I want.

09 drawing the bow

Drawing back the bow.

10 lets draw

Can we draw together?

11 hits bears nose

I hit the bears nose!

12 3 shots, 3 hits

WOW! 3 shots, 3 hits!

13 great shootig form

Good shooting form!

14 watching archers

Just watching the fun!

15 Icefishing crowd

Ice fishing drew anglers of all ages.

16 how does this work now

OK, how does this thing work?

17 fishing help

Yes, I need some help.

18 fishing in pink

Fishing dressed in pink is fun.

19 not too close

Not too close.

20 fish in comfort

Might as well fish in comfort.

21 Thanks, I am comfy

Thanks, I'm quite comfortable.

22 adults can play too

Adults are allowed to have fun too.

23 where are the fish

Are you sure there are fish down there?

24 I got one

HEY! I got one!

25 I got one too

I got one too!

26 Freds fish

Even our master angler caught one!

27 boy on skates

Some brave souls tried ice skating.

28 small girl standing

Time out to pose.

29 two skaters

A couple more skating.

30 skating through snow

Sking through the snow is tricky.

31 cross woods skiing

Cross woods? I thought it was cross country.

32 skiing catch me if you can

Catch me if you can!

33 yes, I fell down. so what

Yes, I fell down. So what?

34 points for form

Extra points for form!

35 HotDOg Skier

DIdn't see this in action but it looks impresssive.

35athey start so orderly

Sure, they start orderly!

36 sledding

fun sledding.

37 sledding

Yep, this is fun.

38 sledding wiped out

Even wiping out is fun.

39 sledding fun

just plain fun!

40 sledding


40a about to collide

Sound the collision alert!

41 yesterdays stick shelter

Survival shelter from dead branches.

42 todays pine shelter

Small shelter from pine boughs.

43 touching it up

And just a bit of touchup.

44 not too big

It's really not that big.

45 snug shelter

But it is snug and cozy!

46 bird house assemble

Time to assemble a bird house.

47a what color shall we paint them

What color shall we paint ours?

47 birdhouse drilling

Good thing they are pre-drilled.

48 love our bird houses

We love our bird houses!

48auntagle string

Untangle the string FIRST!

49 selecting pine cone

Select a pine cone to make a bird feeder.

50 spread peanut buttter

Smear peanut butter and roll in bird seed; then hang it up.

51 fly tying

For older kids and adults, fly tying instruction.

52 lunch

All that outdors fun makes a good appetite!

53 dressed for cold

It helps to be dressed for the weatehr.

54 bundled up

Yep, bundle up good!

55 duck duck goose

Then fun playing duck, duck, goose or just tag.

56 happy visitor

A happy visitor.

57 full parking lot

The parking lot was full most of the time.

58a good crew is happy crew

Part of the kitchen crew.

58b serving line ready

Serving line is ready!

58c sign in lull

Lull during signing in.