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Lisa's Pictures
L01 girl on bridge

Look at the creek!

L02 creek shot

Water looks cold!

L03 pond

Some brave souls fishing and skating.

L04 skating in sun

Sun came out to see the skaters.

L05 skaters plus

Some skated, some just stood and talked.

L06 boy on skates

Will I fall if I move?

L07 cold nose

My nose is cold!

L08 ice fishing

More ice fishing.

L09 Girl with drill

I'm ready to drill!

L10 girl drilling

Two hands for beginners.

L11 girl with bird house

Bird house completed!

L12 boy drilling

Stacks of bird houses waiting.

L13 another girl

Are you sure it goes there?

L14 girl with pine cone

Pine cone feeder.

L15 another girl pine cone

I made one too!