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Winterfest 2014
2014-01-25 archery 01 setup

Setting up the ever popular archery shoot!

2014-01-25 archery 02 shooter

First archer draws the bow!

2014-01-25 bird feeding 01

Birds like seeds in peanut butter on bagels!

2014-01-25 bird houses 01

Making blue bird houses takes concentration.

2014-01-25 bird houses 02

Yep, lots of concentration.

2014-01-25 bird houses 03

And we were sucessful!

2014-01-25 fire starting 01

Starting a fire always needs some discussion first.

2014-01-25 fire starting 02

And sometimes even more talk!

2014-01-25 fire starting 03

Now take the fire stick and start twirling it ... fast!

2014-01-25 fire starting 04

I think I see some smoke!

2014-01-25 fire starting 05

Yep, that's smoke for sure!

2014-01-25 fire starting 06

Wrap ember in tinder and blow gently to get it to flame up!

2014-01-25 food 01

Always need food on a cold day!

2014-01-25 food 02

Also need some hot chocolate!

2014-01-25 ice fishing 01

What the well prepared ice fisherman looks like!

2014-01-25 ice fishing 02

Takes a bit of work to clear the snow to find the ice!

2014-01-25 Scout Camp 01

Scouts had a winter camp set up.

2014-01-25 ski bunnies 01

ski bunnies readiy to ski.

2014-01-25 ski bunnies 02

See the ski bunnies in action!

2014-01-25 snow shelter 01

Survival snow shelter.

2014-01-25 snow shelter 02

Holds several if you are not too big!

2014-01-25 snow snake 01

The 'snow snake' game.

2014-01-25 snowfort 01

Welcom to the IKEs snow fort!

2014-01-25 snowfort 02

Food coloring added before the water freezes makes it colorful.

2014-01-25 snowfort 03

Many hands make light work of building a snow fort!

2014-01-25 snowfort 04

Packing snow around the frozen ice cubes.

2014-01-25 snowfort 05

Very colorful!

2014-01-25 snowfort 06

I made a hole in the fort wall.